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The Do's & Don'ts of Web Design

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Have you checked your site lately to check the speed, design, and usability? Here are some simple Do's & Don'ts to use to review your site and make sure that you are realizing a good return on your investment and making sure your customers are having a positive experience when they interact with your web presence.

These are the things you DO want to do:

1. Provide a similar experience, regardless of the device
2. Design easy-to-use clear navigation
3. Changing the color of visited links
4. Make it easy to scan your pages
5. Double check all links
6. Ensure that clickable elements look like ones

These are the things you DON'T want to do:

1. Make your visitors wait for content to load
2. Open link in a new tab
3. Let promotion steal the show
4. Hijack scrolling
5. Auto-play videos with sound
6. Sacrifice usability for the sake of beauty
7. Use blinking text and ads

You can find each point explained in detail here.

credit: Nick Babich

Michael LaFrance